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Ingredients: Dried Beans regenerated with 64% water, Tomato pulp, Carrots, Onions, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wild Fennel, CELERY, Salt, Pepper, Chilli.

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Broad beans are the least caloric among legumes. It is an annual herbaceous plant, able to reach 70-140 centimetres in height. The plant has an erect and large stem, with a quadrangular section and very branched at the base. Inside the pod, with an average length of about 20 cm, there are yellowish-brownish, flat, oval, wide and pulpy seeds.
The broad beans can be eaten cooked or raw; after removing the tegument that wraps the beans, they can be dried, so they can be preserved for longer times than fresh ones.

Broad beans are widely consumed on Italian tables, particularly in the regions of Puglia, Sicily and Sardinia. They are rich in iron, potassium, magnesium, copper, selenium and many vitamins.


The macco of beans, one of the oldest and most delicious Sicilian recipes, is an authentic dish of poor peasant cuisine, whose origins date back to ancient Greece.
The origin of the name macco, however, derives from the Latin verb maccare, which means to crush, with reference to the beans that are crushed until obtaining a puree.
The macco (maccu) is widespread throughout Sicily, with some variations depending on the province: we can find it with fennel, with or without endive, with the addition of chopped onion and celery or tomatoes (the latter addition has more recent origins) or even with pork; but the original macco is simply made from dried beans, shelled and cooked in slightly salted water with wild fennel and possibly other aromatic vegetables.
The mash of beans of Casa Montalbano can be eaten as well or together with pasta, a perfect and exquisite combination.

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