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Ingredients: Tomato 93%*, Onion*, Extra virgin olive oil*, Basil*, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Brown Sugar*. (*Organic Product)

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The Siccagno tomato is a cultivation method and not a cultivar.
For several generations, farmers in the Sicilian hinterland have been carrying out the ripening cycle of the siccagno tomato, so called because it is grown without irrigation.
The soil must have the right balance between sand and clay so as not to split and therefore retain moisture, for this reason continuous work is carried out both by hand and by mechanical means to interrupt perspiration. The sun, the climate and the nature of the soil beyond the temperature range between day and night, together with the fresh north wind make the plant grow, develop and bear fruit. The particular climate of the area helps to maintain atmospheric humidity at good levels, even in summer, balancing the transpiration of the species and inducing the plant to thicken the palisade tissues of the leaves and reduce the opening of the stomata.
Not being irrigated, the plant is rustic with few fruits and relatively small. But in them the organoleptic and nutritional elements are highly concentrated (vitamins, sugars and antioxidants).
These varieties give back a tomato with a low calorie intake and rich in antioxidants, such as lycopene, beta carotene (vitamin A) and vitamin C.

All the hot Sicilian sun and the intoxicating scent of fresh basil for a ready-to-use sauce, prepared according to ancient Sicilian recipes.

Organic Ready to Eat Tomato Sauce – Casa Montalbano

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