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Citrus Honey is one of the most popular monofloral honeys thanks to its intensity and the finesse of the aroma.
It is produced in southern Italy and in the islands. It is possible to appreciate this exquisite product that the bees make by foraging the orange blossom flowers, or the flowers of citrus fruits.

Citrus honey is obtained from the nectar collected from the flowers of plants that are part of the Citrus genus. It includes orange, lemon, mandarin, bergamot, cedar and grapefruit.

In the liquid state it has a very light color, straw yellow, almost colorless. While after crystallization it takes on shades of light beige or white.
The citrus honey has a medium intense smell to the nose, reminiscent of citrus flowers, as well as on the palate, with a pleasant acid touch.

Citrus Honey has numerous beneficial properties, it is in fact an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is a valuable source of energy and can be used as a cough suppressant and to combat colds and flu symptoms.
Citrus Honey is attributed to purifying properties of the body.

In the kitchen, Citrus Honey is one of the most popular, precisely because of its floral note.
It goes very well with pastry and to sweeten yogurt, cream, mascarpone or ricotta. Recommended with stretched curd cheeses such as mozzarella, caciocavallo provola, scamorza.
The Citrus Honey is also to be tried with fish, raw or cooked.

Casa Montalbano Citrus Honey is a genuine, raw product, not subjected to industrial processing.

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